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I'm a Georgetown fan and hope to see you guys in the Legends Classic!

I'll be there. I have tix for both nights, but will probably only go to one. Still trying to understand how Georgia was invited ....

Already since the last post, IU received a verbal commitment from Troy Williams, but it appears Anya will go to NCState.

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A lot has happened since I provided the above road map to a number one ranking and number 1 NCAA seed.

Zeller and Ferrell were two true 5 star kids who lived up to billing, but many of the above did not. While Victor Oladipo worked from a recruit outside the top 100 to the number 2 pick in the draft, Perea has been a tremendous disappointment as a 5 star kid. Hollowell was a bad 4 star who transferred and Colin Hartman was injured but played well this year and Devin Davis was in a car accident this year and missed the season.

Ron Patterson did not qualify academically, transferred to Syracuse and now is looking for another school. Trey Lyles decommitted and just lost a final four game with Kentucky on Saturday. Blackmon de-committed from IU and then re-committed and had a pretty strong freshman year. Indiana has continued to lose top in-state high schoolers to Ohio State, MichSt and Michigan.

On the recruiting front, yesterday, IU landed four star center Thomas Bryant who will fill a gaping hole in the 2014 team that graduates no one. Inside word is that Bryant's dominance at a recent prospect event, that included some head-to-head time with Terps commit Stone will result in re-ranking soon to about Top 15 in the class of 2015. Assuming Yogi Ferrell stays at IU instead of trying to be a second round NBA draft pick or play in Europe, IU will field its best team since the #1 team of 2012-13 - a team likely to ranked top 15 or better - perhaps significantly so - if things develop without negative surprises. IU remains in the hunt for another top big man Thon Maker.

I've seen projections for the B1G with Maryland and IU at the top with Michigan, MichSt and Wisconsin nearby. I think the conference will be stronger than this year, but still well below potential as Ohio State and Illinois field teams well below their capability. Could be some more meaningful IU-UMd games next season in basketball as both schools try to leverage top freshman centers to high rankings.

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