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Does Machado Sign? Will You Be Upset If He Doesn't?


Will Machado sign? And what's your reaction?  

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  1. 1. Will Machado sign? And what's your reaction?

    • Yes he will, and I'll be glad
    • Yes he will, but I won't like the deal
    • No he won't, and I'm livid about how it played out
    • No he won't, and it's just as well

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The talent at the top of the draft next year and is apparent immaturity makes this a "meh" for me.

I agree he'll instantly be the best position player in the system (ceiling-wise) and that he's really valuable. It's more of a situation where the negatives make it so that if a deal doesn't happen I'm not losing sleep.

I really really think it does happen though.

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Based on what Olney said yesterday, I'm thinking he's not going to sign. If we don't get this deal done then I'll be very disappointed. This is a guy we need to get into our system.

You do realize who Olney's "source" is, right?

For those who missed, Olney said Machado is the pick most unlikely to sign. Jim Callis just said moments ago on the Rob Long show that Machado will sign.

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I'd be shocked an unhappy if we did not sign him, but getting upset or causing negative sentiment before something might happen is not appropriate. People went ballistic with the Wieters situation a few years ago.

The number of top draft talents that turn down $5+M are very, very few - if any. My uneducated guess is that this goes down for between $5.75M and $6.5M.

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With all due respect to pretty much everyone on ESPN, Fox, SI... etc...

I'll believe that Machado isn't signing when its this time tomorrow morning and the Orioles report he didn't come to an agreement. Believing Buster Olney at this point would be like taking financial advice from Bernie Madoff -- where do you think he's getting his info????? :scratchchinhmm:

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