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Joe Blanton claimed by Dodgers and sent there for cash


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Seriously, JDubs, it would be more fun gouging your eyes out with a rusty spoon, then it is to try to engage in any conversation with El Gordo. His sole purpose is to instigate, incite, and challenge posts, to hide the fact that he knows pretty much nothing about baseball. He is passive aggressive, to the extreme, yet will neg rep you without blinking an eye for name calling. He thinks he is some super intellect, and its really of no use to ever engage him in baseball discussion. He is Jtrea, only mean.


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Because it is not just one person and management has (reasonably) asked us not to call out specific posters.

Yes, that is part of the rules of this community. If someone is doing something against the rules, feel free to report it. Thanks.

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