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I like McLouth

Moose Milligan

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McLouth has added a spark to this team along with Machado and Q. I mentioned last week that McLouth looks like a NL player (which he was) who knows how to get the job done and is fun to watch. He plays great defense and has speed and quickness to get to balls that had been dropping in previously. Buck commented about John Russell's experience with Nate as his manager in Pittsburgh and John said he thought he could help us. Buck also said it's good when a player joins a team and has someone in the dugout like John he's familiar with. We all know Nates background and the fact he's a former All-Star. Every game I go to it seems like when he's in the field I am focused on him waiting for something special to happen. When he bats he looks smooth and you almost expect a line drive somewhere. Do I sound like the President of his fan club? I'm open to it if the position is available. His comments after the game were also solid. Great team player. He was asked about playing in LF or CF and he said I don't care where I play I just want to be out on that grass. He also said every game is a big game. That kind of attitude is contagious and he is definitely helping the Orioles.

Buck also said on his postgame show they played NL baseball with Ford bunting the runners over late in the game and it allowed us to score another run on a wild pitch. The last run gave us some breathing room in the 9th inning. Buck also mentioned that when he brought AJ into the game late to play CF and moved Nate to left we had 3 Gold Glove outfielders out there. If we see enough righthanders the rest of the way we will be seeing this Gold Glove outfield a lot. Another big win today with NY losing 10-6 to Toronto so we picked up a game today and are 5 1/2 back.

Something that may be getting overlooked in the West. With all of the talent the Angels have they are now 7 games behind the Rangers and in third. Oakland is 6 games back in second. How is Oakland ahead of the Angels? We've talked about Bob Melvin's managing job in Oakland before on here but is any Manager besides Buck doing a better job managing?

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I'm glad we brought this guy up. Heads up baserunner, good defense, good hitter. I'd prefer to see him in the lineup more often than Lew Ford.

Looks good to have someone wearing #9 racing around the bases again ;)

I was about to start the same thread, but got pulled aside for dad duties.

McLouth is a very nice player. Good awareness, play making ability. you can see why this guy was highly thought of when he was coming up. The guy has a little bit of everything. His problem has just been staying healthy. Let's hope he keeps up the good work and help spring board this team into the playoffs.

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