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To Everyone Who Stayed Up Last Night


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I'll admit I tried to go to sleep. But just couldn't do it. Started at 2am and kept getting back up. Even after they won, I was too excited to sleep. Not sure I ever did fall asleep. Work is going to suck today! Well worth it though.

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I somehow slept through innings 2-9, and then was some combination of awake/delirious for the rest. Having a 1-month old will do that for you.

Around the 16th inning, I actually fell asleep for a moment and dreamed that the Orioles won by two runs, and then when I woke up, I couldn't figure out why the game was still on in the 17th inning. I figured it must be the replay -- but that was impossible for several reasons, obviously. Took me a few minutes to realize what was going on. Also, in that dream, I learned that the Ravens beat KC 33 to 31 (???) across the scoreboard thingy on the bottom of the screen. Very odd.

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I saw from the 11th through the finish. Boy they looked tired until the last inning when they saw an opening to win. Hunter seem exhausted. I think they said he had pitched three games in a row.

Teagarden is amazing. Always important hits. In the 11th - 17th it seemed like they got someone on then a non hitter like Avery or Chavez would come up and that would be the end of the inning.

Great finish.

Saw Buck's post game presser this morning. I enjoyed seeing that.

Then the Bundy news. Can't ask for any more then what this team is giving.

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