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Congratulations Miguel Cabrera


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If he stopped playing tomorrow, is he a hall of famer?

World Series ring? Check

Counting stat totals? No. But remember Kirby Puckett was elected after a shortened career.

Regarded as one of the dominant players of his day? Check

Records? Check

League Leader. Check. Multiple times, even.

All Star? Check. Practically every year

MVP? Not yet. I think Trout wins this year...but Cabrera has MVP votes every year, including 4 top 5 finishes.

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He's a worthy member of the Triple Crown Club.

By the way, it always rankled me that Yaz won the TC the year after Frank did, and thus was always recalled as the last TC winner. There's a good chance Yaz would not have won if Frank hadn't gotten injured that season, as Frank was leading in BA and RBI and was second in HR at the time he got hurt. And, Yaz only tied for the HR title, rather than winning it outright as Frank did in all three categories. But this is just the sour grapes from someone who idolized Frank as a 9-10 year old and didn't like to see his glory being usurped by another player.

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