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Britt: O's have spoken with 6 teams about a MOO bat


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I would have puked violently if that had happened. Thank god it didn't (and I still can't see why Philly wanted him, but he's their problem now).

1. It never would have happened, because the fact that Michael Young is 168 years old means he had the 10/5 no-trade protection, and supposedly the reason he OK'ed the trade to the Phillies is because the Rangers told him his at-bats would be limited this year, and he got his feelings hurt, saying he wants a run AT THE HALL OF FAME (which also made me puke), and thinks get 600 or so ABs in Philadelphia would do that.

2. He's unbelievably overrated, having pieced together a few nice seasons as an overpaid slap hitter who did nada this year.

3. He's a whiny crybaby who would shred the chemistry and karma Showalter has built in the Baltimore clubhouse. Young is a me-first diva who thinks the world revolves around him, and the great team players (Hardy, Jones, Weiters, etc.) and ruin the attitudes of the young guys. I wouldn't let that guy get within 1,000 miles of Manny Machado.

Have fun with this (@^%#$l, Phillies.

I'm amazed that you were able to write 5 whole paragraphs without including a single fact! This is the first I've ever heard of Young being a crybaby and not a team player. Remember, this is the guy who has willingly changed positions to "help" the team multiple times. My question would have been whether or not he could still play 2b. If not, then I agree, he wouldn't have made sense for the Os. If yes, on the other hand...

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So you wouldn't trade him for Trout either? Surely the list of offensive players you'd be willing to trade Bundy for is longer than Stanton.

I try to live in reality. LAA would never trade Trout for Bundy. They wouldn't trade him for anybody. I mentioned Stanton because he is unhappy with MIA and wants to be traded. I cant' think of any other offensive players that would possibly be in play, that I would trade Bundy for. We need a TOR as well as a MOO bat. Bundy is our best chance to get a TOR. We aren't trading the team for King Felix, and we aren't paying 5/100 for one.

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Seconded in re: I really wish people would stop resurrecting dead threads, particularly at this time of year. It took me a second to realize that the OP was from a year ago, and the thread wasn't even "brought back" for a good reason. Pointing out that someone else said something about wanting a winning team this past season? Who cares? This is just cluttering the board now.

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