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Chris Carpenter Unlikely to Pitch in 2013


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I doubt it. Lohse is getting long in the tooth and has a history of injury issues. Boras will hold out for a multi-year contract and I don't see the Cards wanting to go down that road with the plethora of young power arms they have in the pipeline.

But I've guessed wrong before.

Lance Lynn (176 IP, 3.78 ERA, 18-7), Joe Kelly (107, 3.53, 5-7), Trevor Rosenthal (22-2/3, 2.78, 0-2), Shelby Miller (13-2/3, 1.32, 1-0), and a bunch of highly rated prospects all need opportunities to pitch.

I'm more concerned about whether Jaime Garcia can pitch or not. He elected rest/rehabilitation over shoulder surgery. It's possible he'll never pitch effectively again for an extended period. The Cards should be able to fill easily the 2 rotation slots vacated by Carpenter and Lohse, but trying to fill a third slot might be pressing their luck.

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