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Felix Hernandez Wins 100th Career Game


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  • 3 weeks later...


He's at it again.

With the slightest margin for error (2-1 final score), Hernandez bedazzled the Pirates on 97 pitches (68 Strikes, 29 Balls) over 8 innings.

In the process, he lowered his E.R.A. to 1.53.


IP:O 8

H:o. 6

R:O. 1

BB:. 1

SO:. 5

Pitches: 97 (68 Strikes, 29 Balls)

2013 ERA: 1.53

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What an amazing pitcher he is. He probably has a better chance than any active pitcher at cracking that arbitrary 300 win milestone. Playing for Seattle has definitely hurt though his win total. He's been averaging 14 a year despite throwing an average of 232 innings a year to a 129 ERA+. If he played 20 years he still be 20 short of 300. To reference recent 300 game winners, Maddux had 115 wins through his age 27 season, Glavine 95, Johnson a paltry 37, and Clemens 116. A mixed bag for sure.

Assuming health, effectiveness, and a better offensive team at some point (and those are some big assumptions), I'd say he certainly has a shot.

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