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Chris Perez, busted

Moose Milligan

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... apparently tipped off by postal workers suspicious of a package mailed there.

I'd like to see the paper the police filed to get a search warrant. What would make postal workers "suspicious" of a package, unless a drug sniffing dog alerted on it? It almost sounds like a set up to me.

I'd also be interested to know if the package was even opened by Chris or his wife before the search, and if the search of their house turned up any evidence of other drug activity besides the package.

Call me cynical, but so many stories turn out to be significantly different than what appears in the initial news accounts.

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The story looks to be a little deeper. ESPN article

Cleveland Indians two-time All-Star closer Chris Perez, who is charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, told drug agents he had pot in his home for personal use and pointed out two jars, according to investigative reports.

... Police, tipped off to suspicious packages by postal inspectors, arranged a delivery Tuesday under surveillance, and Perez's wife, Melanie, accepted two packages, the reports said.

... Perez, 27, and his 29-year-old wife were charged in a complaint filed Friday with misdemeanor drug possession in the shipment of just over one-third of a pound of marijuana mailed to their home. They haven't commented, but their attorney said they would plead not guilty.

... Under the drug agreement between Major League Baseball and its players' association, marijuana offenses generally result with the player undergoing a treatment program rather than discipline.

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