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The Back End of the BP Is Stronger

Il BuonO

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Back end ???

Front end ???

Middle ???

Call it whatever you want, they were awesome tonight. :clap3:

And Jimmy didn't get flustered by Brian Roberts' miscue on the potential double play ball, also. He just kept on getting ground balls until the game was over.


(Francisco Rodriguez, Kevin Gausman, Tommy Hunter, T.J. McFarland, Jimmy Johnson)

IP:. 6.33 O(WIN) O[McFarland] O(SAVE) O[Johnson] *

H:o 4

R:O 0

BB: 1 **

SO: 6

Pitches: 78 (53 Strikes, 25 Balls) *** 74 (53 Strikes, 21 Balls)

* The bullpen (Rodriguez) entered the game with runners on 1st and 2nd base and two outs.

** The Walk was Intentional

*** Minus the Intentional Walk

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I know that it's a few days late, and that this wasn't just the "back end" ....... more like the back end, the front end, the middle, a starter or two, the whole kitchen sink.

But this effort deserves a plug.


(Troy Patton, Francisco Rodriguez, Kevin Gausman, Tommy Hunter, Darren O'Day, Brian Matusz, Josh Stinson, T.J. McFarland, Bud Norris)

IP:. 12.33 O(LOSS) O[Norris]

H:o 8

R:O 2

BB: 6

SO: 12

Pitches: 215 (132 Strikes, 83 Balls)

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The BP seems to be in flux but could the big three of Hunter, O'Day and Britton be stronger than what we had last year? To me, any of the three is interchangeable at closer and they all can throw multiple innings.

Now, must convince Buck that not all saves must go through one man during one calendar season thereby saving the organization oodles when it comes arbitration time. :cool:

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