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Dan's Mistakes

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Since we are probably seeing the loss of Cruz, Markakis and Miller this week, we are getting down. The question is "Do we trust Dan?". Let's look back on his tenure as GM and see how many obvious mistakes he has made during his time here. For me, I think not giving Nick a QO was a mistake.

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Since we are probably seeing the loss of Cruz' date=' Markakis and Miller this week, we are getting down. The question is "Do we trust Dan?". Let's look back on his tenure as GM and see how many obvious mistakes he has made during his time here. For me, I think not giving Nick a QO was a mistake.[/quote']

If Nick had the QO with him he might sit out till July. No team was gonna sign him and give up a pick.

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We don't know the circumstances there well enough. It's possible nicks contract precluded the ability to give him a QO upon turning down his option. I feel like if it's that obvious a mistake that there were other circumstances we don't know about.

Then again this is conspiracy theory logic and can't be refuted.

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The Arrietta,Strop trade for Feldman and Clevenger may turn out to be a bad trade. I don't think Jake would ever amount to anything with the Orioles. All GM's make trades and signings that backfire. No one is perfect.

I had no issues with that trade. Both were at the point of needing to be sent down or released (if they had no options, I can't remember right now). We were going for it and Feldman was a piece that could help.

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At this point it's difficult to say what his mistakes were because the O's haven't really made "big" acquisitions that you can look back and say, "Wow, they really shouldn't have signed Josh Hamilton."

I wouldn't have signed Ubaldo.

I wouldn't have traded for Bud Norris.

I would have traded Jim Johnson after 2012, but having no idea what the trade market for him would have been, I can't say that is a mistake. It may have made sense to bring him back.

I would have traded Chris Davis after 2013. But same thing. Who knows what would have been offered.

I wouldn't have traded for Andrew Miller. But I'm not going to say that was a "mistake." I think it can be justified.

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DD has made a lot fewer obvious mistakes than most of the recent O's management. And a LOT more not-obvious good moves. Way more of those. I think Jimenez was the move that was obviously risky and that could be a huge waste of money. But there's still hope for Jimenez.

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