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Fangraphs: Abandoning the Fastball


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Masahiro Tanaka opened things by pitching to Jose Reyes. That season-opening pitch of 2015: a low slider, for a called strike, at 81 miles per hour. No mystery ? it was a certain first-pitch breaking ball. The next pitch was a splitter. The following pitch was also a splitter. Reyes went down on three strikes, and Tanaka was off to the best of all starts.

He didn't end up with the best of all starts. He didn't even get to throw a pitch in the fifth. Every single Tanaka start is going to be under the microscope, given the condition of his UCL, and so this might well be our first post of many. Tanaka threw 82 pitches over four innings before getting pulled from a 5-0 game.

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    • Well, shoot….just got offered more days. So, I might try and get in a day during the time I’m in Miami, but now I’m looking at being there through the end of the month.
    • Sharkey starts, most likely, at  Aberdeen but could move fast.  Baumler is all about health and just getting some innings.  He should start at Delmarva or Aberdeen and just see if he can make it through the season.  If Baumler was a mid to high 90’s guy I could see converting him to relief and trying to fast track him.  My impression from watching AFL video is that he’s not a power pitcher.
    • Irvin did and the season with a 93 ERA+, which is the same ERA+ that he had his last season in Oakland before we traded for him. However, his ERA+ with us was aided by his relief appearances.  I like Irvin. I actually thought we got too cute with rotating guys in the minors last season and sent Irvin down when he was throwing 95 in short stints out of the pen and dominating. I would like Irvin a lot better as our #6 SP/3rd LH RP, rather than our #5 on OD. 
    • Planning on being there for games on the 16th and 17th.
    • I’m to the point where we don’t need to hit a straight flush with our pitchers. We just need to get something out of them at the MLB level. When we converted Givens back to pitching after a failed SS run, he was in the majors in 1.5 seasons. I’d surely take that type of career from a guy like Baumler. Also, he can always go back to starting in the future.  I would have Baumler, Seth Johnson, and Teddy Sharkey around AA to start this year and hopes that we could turn one into a mlb set up man by the trade deadline. 
    • I know it’s good to keep developing these guys as starters as much as possible. Also, pitching as a starter helps then develop pitches and learn how to get hitters out, but… Seth Johnson is a bit of a different story. He only threw something like 20 innings in all of HS. He was a position player. He pitched only 66 IP in NCAA once his position player career was looking done. TB drafted him in the 1st rd based on projection. Well he’s only thrown 150ish IP in pro ball.  TLDR - This dude has only thrown 235 IP since HS-now. He’s 25.156, maybe it’s time to just scrap starting and try him as a reliever. Apparently he can touch 98 on his FB, with a swing and miss SL. See pic below,  
    • For those who can never have enough hat options, here's another one for your collection. Official League This looks like it would only be available in toddler sizing, but the company specializes in whimsical options for adults.  
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