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Sentimental article about the Dodgers leaving Dodgertown


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    • The media has been absolute insane over everything, including the damn number thing. I thought it was funny when Holliday said the right things about Cal Sr. and his Dad, then when continued to be pressed by the press' infatuation with getting his opinion on wearing the #7, he finally told them, "I just wear whatever number they give me!"  That was one of the best passive aggressive responses I've seen to a press corp that can't seem to get enough of what number he's wearing.
    • Not too worried about it.  Matt Holliday went 0 for 7 in his first two major league games.  He knows it’s not easy.   He did go 3 for 3 in his third game, so he can give his son grief now.    
    • I don't know about that. They can't hard throwing lefties either!
    • Matt looked pretty sour last night sitting there in the freezing rain waiting for his kid to get his first hit. But as a parent there is no way you're going to miss that moment.
    • Right on the mark. Good synopsis. And Peralta was absolutely dealing last night too making everyone look bad. That slider was insane.
    • I don't see him seeking out interviews. Like any Dad, he's here to support his son with his family. It's ashamed Jackson has struggled. It's ashamed that every at bat they show his family waiting nervously for him to get off the snide. But, he's a very popular player already who the Orioles decided to give away his t-shirt before he took a major league at bat in Camden Yards. Everything is magnified right now and if anything, I feel bad for his family because they have to hold their disappointment in because they know the cameras are on them at all time. Nobody feels worse for Jackson than his family.  
    • It's unclear what caused the BS between McCann and Adames. I think what Contreras did may be a part of it because McCann was talking to him as well. The way Contreras came out of the dungout when it all started was like a guy who instigated some garbage and wanted to get into the mess, but that's just my own speculation. Hyde said after the game he was going to keep the reason for the beef in house.
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