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Adios to El Duque's trademark kick

Boy Howdy

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Man, as a fan of baseball -particularly pitching and guys that do it with flair- this is sad news to me.

From the time I saw him toy with O's in 7/98 to watching him shut down Barry Bonds in what may prove to be the slugger's last ever game in NY, El Duque was truly a "joy to watch"...especially when he got away from those Bronx pinstripers.

"..."El Duque" admits he either has to alter the knee-to-chin portion of his windup or eliminate it completely if he wants to continue to pitch in the major leagues.

Hernandez has multiple problems with his right foot, notably a bunion issue that causes significant pain on his instep near his big toe. When he brings his right (sic. - I think they mean left) knee toward his face in his standard delivery, Hernandez is forced to take his heel off the ground, which places greater strain on the instep and toe areas. So Hernandez needs to modify his delivery to allow him to keep his heel flat as a way to alleviate pain..."


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Agreed, he's fun to watch pitch. The high leg kick style of pitching is fun to watch in general, got lots of flair as you say and I would think it adds deception. Also, it just seems like you would get more power out of a high leg kick but I guess more pitchers would be doing it if that were so.

Who are the current players with the closest style to his? The only one I can think of is Dontrelle Willis. I've see him kick his leg out more than not, like in the first pic.

<img src=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/baseball/news/2003/07/13/first_half_ap/lg_willis_ap.jpg></img>

<img src=http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l248/ninetimesblue/ladies/stare/DontrelleWillis.jpg></img>

Although not current, Hideo Nomo had a high leg kick as well.

<img src=http://www.japantimes.co.jp/images/photos2007/sb20070414c1a.jpg></img>

El Duque's was much more exaggerated:

<img src=http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/sports/elduque.jpg></img>

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    • Craig Biggio made a career out of getting hit by pitches (that and hitting :).  It can be a repeatable skill, although a painful and risky one.   Might not be able to get away with it as much now as you used to be able to.  
    • FWIW the BTV site is already forecasting the 17 year old to attain a few million in surplus value - that's a decent chunk for them for someone still in the complexes. Granted here we are in the part of the curve tapering to zero, and most of these guys will become nothing at the MLB level. Among guys ranked both by Tony and BTV as of today, their algorithm is stronger on Arias, Prieto, Haskin and McDermott.    Tony's ranks stronger on Basallo, Hernaiz, Denoyer and Tavera. Inside the Top 10 it almost all matches except for the College-High School classic Cowser and Mayo who in both systems have Westburg and Ortiz between them.     The 10th and final spot is Kjerstad-Beavers, but both rankers have the other one as basically the next guy.
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    • Curious..............do you think Goff or Jimmy G would be an upgrade over Lamar for this team?   Or are you just saying they are acceptable placeholders.
    • Lamar will more than likely be tagged and dealt. If you can get a return similar to Watson you can improve fast. Plus you can pick up Garapolo who is on a 1 year deal or Goff. 
    • We disagree.  Disparage his performance all you want but he was out there per MLB for the years he was signed for.  Fact is he provided much value to the clubs who disagreed not once but twice with you (Seattle AND Twins) while your approach removed his crucial bat ( and let Markakis walk too)  from the 2014 ALCS team that was replaced with ????? Travis Snider .   I remain steadfast in believing not giving Cruz an additional year was nowhere near the risk incurred  by the other poor choices made that offseason.  And the results were as expected when the team had these critical resources removed and not replaced much less upgraded. 
    • The stats would strongly indicate otherwise, but it seems like they still like Maikol Hernandez. I wonder if that's just because of the obvious - his bonus - and they don't want to give up on him or if there's something they're seeing in BP or whatever that isn't translating yet.
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