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Wood Will Be Cubbie's Closer


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From Jay Mariotti and the Chicago Sun-Times:

"In a camp that has produced legitimate optimism about a pennant and not the usual rah-rah lies, the Cubs are more than pushing their luck by entrusting Wood with daily ninth-inning pressure. They're setting themselves up for a big fall. Much as everybody is rooting for the guy, Piniella and Jim Hendry need to use common sense and think with their heads, not their hearts. They're getting way ahead of themselves if they believe a pitcher who has made 11 disabled-list trips -- more than the combined rehab excursions of Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, for those keeping score at home -- can stay healthy in a demanding role that might require him to pitch two, three or even four consecutive days."

Itsy-bitsy tiny lil' mention of Brian Roberts at the end -- "...assuming the Brian Roberts trade goes through before the next millennium..."

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