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Facing facts


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I believe that the O's are at or close to their budget limit and are unlikely to make another big signing.

In 2015 payroll for the whole year was about 117m. They are currently at 137m but have deferred 11m so the payroll they have to pay is about 126m.

In some ways fans should give Peter credit for raising payroll in spite of the fact that revenues decreased in 2015. It appears he has stayed on the course of adding about 10m to the budget each year since Duquette arrived.

There is a whole discussion about what should happen, how Peter should spend more, can afford to spend more, etc. That is out of the realm of what does happen. I am not going there. This post is about what does happen year over year.

So fans that would like to sign additional players for 10m+ per year are probably going to be disappointed. The Oriole Way under Dan and Buck is to give opportunities in some places on the roster to inexpensive players. That probably will happen in right, left and the 5th starter this year.

I am not saying that as fans we have to like it, but budget over that last 4 years has ruled and it looks like that will continue in 2016.

That doesn't mean Dan can't work a trade. But even then he is not going to take on large amounts of salary IMO.

The O's have 90% of the core in place. The last 10% will probably be position battles in ST.

Bottom line: I don't expect the payroll to go up much more at this point. JMO.

1000% agree. Yet some wanted to claim the goal is/was 150m, they aren't done yet!

I said this weeks ago. That they were more likely to just cut the spending at the standard year to year increase, right where they are at now.

After Davis they were done, no intention of adding anything more significant despite token "offers" and "interest".

So spare me the how Peter is a great guy who finally "opened up the wallet" talk. He is doing the bare minimum payroll wise so fans don't riot, as usual.

You will get a couple more spare parts for OF/SP, and sold yet another bill of goods about "the guys we have here already".

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