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BA's first mock draft

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I think there's a few reasons why scouts think that we'll target Matsuz over Beckham or Smoke:

1) Brandon Snyder, Billy Rowell, and dare I say it -- Mark Teixeira. Mcphail isn't going to block those prospects already without letting them prove themselves. If there's a position we need for hitting, it's 2B/SS -- not 1B/3B.

2) Gordon Beckham isn't worth the #4 pick, not when we're comparing him to the likes of Brian Matsuz. From what I've seen of him, minus the painful delivery... he's Tim Lincecum reloaded.

1. No offense, but Snyder shouldn't even be a consideration. His bat is supposed to be his ticket to the major leagues, but he doesn't hit for much power and he doesn't get on base that much. His OPS currently sits at .665 at Frederick. Not drafting a first baseman because of already having Snyder would be really foolish.

(By the way, I am not one of those types that would love see an Oriole player fail to prove I was right. I would love to see Snyder blossom. I just think it's unliklely.)

2. Teixeira should also not be a consideration. The draft is chronologically before free agency. Even if we desperately want Teixeira, there's no guarantee that we will be able to sign him. The Yanks could offer him a gargantuan sized contract or maybe he decides that he likes it in Atlanta or who knows. So you can't base a decision on the 4th pick of the draft on an assumption that we will land Tex.

3. That leaves Rowell. Maybe he becomes a star, but he still has a long way to go and really who knows what will happen. And even if he pans out, that's only one corner infielder. Obviously, you need two.

Therefore, if the Orioles are thinking along the first point in your post, I fear that they will not become a championship organization anytime soon.

Now if they just think that Matusz is a much better prospect than Smoak, then fine. And I'll laud them for it. But I pray to the dear almighty that it's not because of the first reason you mentioned.

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    • Mike Elias said on MLB Network that Bradish would possibly be back in the first half.   Though that is definitive its the first time I have heard O's management put any kind of time frame on Bradish return. So I will think by the All Star break for now if all goes well. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/mike-elias-discusses-success-of-the-orioles  
    • Yankees fans-“Jeter, hands down the greatest shortstop eva”. Probably would have actually been in the running for the top 2B if they put him there. That is how I feel about Holliday. No chance you put Gunnar there. Gunnar maybe 3B with size and range.  As Os fans, we have been pretty lucky with the SS and 3B we have had. Can’t say many clubs have enjoyed the talent, consistently, that we have seen. 
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    • I'm on the same page. Platooning is great if you're poor, like the Rays. They pull it off well because of their analytics, development, and some minor league depth. But they do it because they are a small market, low budget team.  Players get platooned because they obviously have more pronounced flaws from one side of the plate. But the goal of any team should be to have as many star players at as many positions as possible in order to win a World Series. Star players - or any valuable player - aren't going to get platooned. The Braves and Dodgers are examples of having star players at almost every position, and the Orioles have the talent to be on the Braves/Dodgers side of the platooning spectrum this season. On the opposite side of the Rays. Hyde and Elias really irked me last season because they loved platooning mediocre vets like Frazier, Mateo, Hicks, and O'Hearn (yes, Hicks and O'Hearn produced for stretches, but I believe those were merely lucky/hot small sample sizes) when they had several talented prospects at their disposal who not only may have outproduced those vets in the short-term, but could have also gained some valuable experience to establish themselves as non-platooning stars/valuable players in the medium-to-long-term. I'm sure someone will point out that the team won 101 games last season as a reason for why Hyde and Elias platooning was successful. But to me, maximizing your talent is always the most efficient approach to winning games, and Hyde and Elias didn't do that as well as they could have last season (and in 2022 as well, when Jordan Westburg could have helped the Orioles make more of a push to the playoffs by replacing Rougned Odor).
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