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Opening Day Roster Comparison 2020/2021

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Catcher:  Push...same two guys.

1st Base: 2021

2nd base: 2020

3rd base:  2021

SS:  2020

OF:  2021

SP:  2021

RP:  2021

I think this team is better than last years.  Certainly more upside.  As it stands right now I think Hanser Alberto would be a better 2nd baseman but I think Urias might be better in the long run.  Iglesias is better but I don't necessarily think it's a huge drop off to Galvis.  In the areas that the 2020 team is better, it's not better by leaps and bounds.  

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The pitching is not just better but much deeper. Who were the guys in the 40-man last year? I can’t remember most of them. Gilmartin, Carroll, Phillips, Karns, Rogers, etc? Dreadful every one. The pitching is far better now. Makes it all the more important that we have good catchers. Oh well...

The outfield is better, on the days we have three real outfielders. MC is going to make LF a circus, though. The infield....Lord be merciful...

We can add 10 wins.

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