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Your MLB Predictions 2024

Spy Fox

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Put your predictions here for standings, awards, etc.

Here's my standings, playoff teams in bold: 

  • AL East: 1 Baltimore2 Toronto, 3 New York, 4 Tampa, 5 Boston
  • AL Central: 1 Minnesota, 2 Cleveland, 3 Detroit, 4 Kansas City, 5 Chicago
  • AL West: 1 Houston, 2 Seattle, 3 Texas, 4 Los Angeles, 5 Oakland
  • NL East: 1 Atlanta, 2 Philadelphia, 3 New York, 4 Miami, 5 Washington
  • NL Central: 1 Chicago, 2 Cincinnati, 3 Pittsburgh, 4 St. Louis, 5 Milwaukee
  • NL West: 1 Los Angeles, 2 San Diego, 3 San Francisco, 4 Arizona, 5 Colorado

Playoffs start with your wild card series SEA@TOR, NYY@MIN, CIN@PHI, and SDP@CHC. 

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AL East:  1. Rays  2. O's 3. Yankees  4. Toronto  5. Red Sox.

It's very hard to repeat in a strong division. 

The O's have the best talent and good management.   Not a lot of injures last year and I'm guessing that will catch up tp them this year.  https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/injured-list/2023/cumulative-team/  

The Rays have the best management. and they always are in the mix for the division.   They are faster, better in defense and more depth then last year.  Either the O's or Rays win it.

Yankees have the most money and will hit a ton of homers and have a great pitching coach.   Their defense is not great, they are slow and not a lot of depth.    

The Blue Jays have most of the team signed through 2025 and that about it.   The individuals are better then the sum of the parts.  

The Red Sox could overtake either the Yanks or Jays.  They are getting younger and better but  a lot has to go their way to end up ahead of those 2. 

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