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Grant Green sliding ?

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Chris (NYC): Can we get a top 10 mock? Do you think Zack Wheeler or Shelby Miller can sneak in?

Keith Law: With the caveat that I'm not really matching players to teams: Strasburg, Ackley, Tate, Matzek, Crow, Miller, Wheeler, Scheppers, White, Poythress. Not so much because I like Poythress in that spot but because they're going to want to cut a deal with someone since the pick is unprotected AND they have to spend big on Strasburg.

Dan (NY): No Grant Green in the top ten?

Keith Law: No power. Some disagreement on whether he can stay at short. And Boras. Of course he might go in the top ten, but there are more question marks on him than on the top nine guys I listed, and I don't think Washington takes a top Boras guy at 10.

brad (detroit): no Grant Green in top 10? The tigers would certainly jump on him if he is still there at 9.

Keith Law: That doesn't seem to fit their philosophy - power arms and power bats. He's neither.

Greg, Anaheim: Will Zach Wheeler break into the top 10 in the draft? Any chance the Giants will select him at #6 since the top bats - Green and Ackley - will be long gone by then?

Keith Law: I think there's a 40-50% chance Wheeler goes top 10, and I don't think it's a lock that Green is gone by the Giants' pick. Thing is, if you think Green can't play ss well enough to do it in the majors, what is he? A 3b with no power? That's not my view but I know some teams have backed off.


My apologies if this has already been posted.

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I think Green has top 10 tools in this class, though his production hasn't been there. I respect Keith's opinions, but respectfully disagree with regards to Green sticking at SS. The couple times I saw him he showed good, clean movements, good athleticism and a plus arm. The only question I would have is how much side-to-side range he might lose if he thickens a fair amount (which he may or may not).

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