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Potential Situation In Chicago


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    • The Astros are hands down best team on MLB.  Mariners aren’t too shabby.  Texas was unlucky last year.  I think the AL West is about the same if not better.  
    • Ok. So if I understand you correctly, you think he’s in line for a major slide in his defensive capabilities?
    • The question may be more of if Ortiz can replace 0.8 WAR, which is what fangraphs projects for Mateo this season.  I agree 3.5 WAR is nothing to sneeze at and that would be a tall task for Ortiz in his rookie season, but my expectation is that Mateo does not sniff 3.5 (or 2.8fWAR) next season. 
    • I don't think anyone here has said he's irreplaceable.  We must not be reading the same board. I think what people are more in favor of, or more comfortable with, is letting him being the opening day SS.  I don't think anyone here is clamoring for him to be a long term SS solution or thinks that he's in the long term plans for this club at all.  I don't believe anyone has ever made that claim.   In regards to the Belanger comp, I don't believe anyone is saying he's the second coming of Belanger, either.  Rather, you can have a light hitting, great fielding SS on your team and it's fine.  Belanger's career WAR is something over 40.  Again, no one's saying he's a direct comp to Belanger but he's very much (so far) in that mold of a player.  Whether or not he can still provide value as a defender into his late 20s and early 30s remains to be seen.  I think the silly thing here is insisting that everyone at every position be a good-to-great hitter.  Ignoring that you can still bring a good amount of value to the team by playing defense at a well above average level is being intentionally obtuse, as is the idea that EVERYONE HAS TO BE A GOOD HITTER!!! 3.5 WAR is nothing to sneeze at, I'm not sure why you're quick to downplay it.  I'm also not sure why you're quick to think that Ortiz could replace of it when none of us really have any idea how he'll perform at the big league level.  Mind you, I don't think anyone here is against Ortiz getting playing time and seeing what he can do.  If he can replace that 3.5 WAR, or a good chunk of it, great.  If not, that's okay there's other MI candidates in the system.  
    • Yes. Was a good trade even if he turned out to be pretty good.
    • I think Hector Gomez may be confused, unless Pedro was in the most accelerated advance degree program ever as there are articles about him graduating with his undgrad degree in Dec '21. (https://vucommodores.com/pair-of-vandy-legends-earn-undergraduate-degrees/). Unless Vandy gave him some type of honorary doctorate. 
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