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Silly things your partner has said


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Given the losing, something on the lighter side...

So I've lived in Australia since 1998, and have known my wife since that time, which also happens to coincide with the length of time that the O's have been, shall I say... less than stellar. Basically, the only thing that my wife knows about the O's is that they are good at losing. Despite all my aspirations of breakout seasons and hot prospects, they've still primarily lost during our entire relationship. The two games she's seen at OPACY, they've lost (one a few years ago when Reilly was pitching, the other this year with Guthrie against CC).

So, when I complained the other day about the 18 odd runs that the BoSox scored against the O's, the unthinkable was uttered.

"Why don't you just root for another team, preferably one that wins."

I'm checking the nuptial as we speak...

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"It's just a game"................:rolleyes:women:rolleyes:
Why do you say "We" all the time. Do you play on the team?
"I'm pretty sure they can't hear you through the T.V."
"You're the only person I know that takes this so serious." I get that one almost nightly.

I'm pretty sure I've heard all of these. :rofl:

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My wife is great she really likes baseball, she sits and watches the games w/ me, and loves to goto the yard. However, she does get annoyed that they lose so much. Lately I've been getting "Do we have to watch the rest of the game!" especially when they look pathetic and there is a good show on HGTV. HAHA!

But, I will say this for my wife, she is a converted Phillies fan. She is still partial to them but I think she now bleeds Black & orange, I was surprised when she came home the other day w/ a Weiters t-shirt to wear! I just feel bad that I pulled her away from the Phils now that they started to win..

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