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8/14 Os Tillman v. Angels' Weaver


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Per Roch

Brian Roberts - 2B

Adam Jones - CF

Nick Markakis - RF

Aubrey Huff - 1B

Nolan Reimold - DH

Matt Wieters - C

Melvin Mora - 3B

Felix Pie - LF

Cesar Izturis - SS

Chris Tillman - RHP

For the Angels:

Figgins - 3B

Izturis - 2B

Abreu - RF

Guerrero - DH

Rivera - LF

Morales - 1B

Aybar - SS

Napoli - C

Matthews - CF

Weaver - RHP

I like the lineup a lot, Nolan DHing, Wieters moved up, Pie in there, but NOT in the 2 hole.

Tillman is making his 4th start, and I'm anticipating him getting some guys with that dirty curve tonight. Just keep the FB down, were in Camden :)

Weaver on the other hand, has won his last 5 games and struck out 11 in both of his last 2 starts.

I sure hope this day and a half off has allowed our guys to rest up so we can hit him and give Tillman some run support.

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