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What about this idea? Burn a urine test and it voids your contract?


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Just had a idea that I wanted to run by some of the more knowledgable posters. It's this besides being suspended with out pay for first offence that burning a urine test for PED's(not recreational drugs) would also come with a stipulation that it voids your contract.

I am sure would have to be clauses that the team you were signed with would have exclusive rights to rehire you at a rate no greater than the rate you had before for at least one year. This would shortcircuit any clever plan to intentionally burn a urine test to get out of a "bad" deal.

The details could be worked out but what about the actual concept?

You can make a real arguement that the contracts were signed not in good faith because the players were not truely who they represented themselves as.

Why shouldnt all contracts have a no PED clause? This would be area deterent. And that is what we really need some more deterent to this stuff. The Manny Rameriez saga has left a real bad taste in my mouth because many people had speculated that Manny was holding out until way late in spring trainining not for the money really but because free agents dont have to take urine test so he was using the time to cycle the drugs and allow for them to clear. When he felt confident they couldnt detect his cheating butt he signed. "Manny's back"

What a most repellent situation.

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I assume this has a lot to do with the MLBPA.

I'm sure it does but I think the next time they do a negotiation with the Union for a contract this should be right there. Frankly the Union needs to protect the innocent from the guilty than the guilty from the League.

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I'm sure it does but I think the next time they do a negotiation with the Union for a contract this should be right there. Frankly the Union needs to protect the innocent from the guilty than the guilty from the League.

Yes... but.

We make an assumption that these tests are 100% accurate. What about false positives? Errors and even foul play? That type of a contract provides a powerful incentive to the less than scrupulous towards tampering.

How easy would it be to get someone to ingest something without their knowledge that would show up on a urine test and would get the club out of millions of dollars of obligations?

I'm not defending the cheaters... I hate the cloud that steroids have created over the game... and MLB has handled this all very poorly in my opinion... but I think we need to tread carefully in this area for the reasons stated above.

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