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Viviano Show Question O's/Phils


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I'd take Jones and Reimold over Victorino and Ibanez. Jones/Victorino is probably defensible. On Ibanez, I know what he did this year but I still don't believe it. I think he existed in a magic universe with Unicorns and Dwarves, and it somehow resulted in those stats.

I would take Werth over Markakis this year and maybe next year, but not over the long term.

MWeb owned this thread.

Old Fan was fine in this thread.

I don't think the baserunning differences are that significant, except for steals.

Finally, I'd still rather start Ted Williams than any poster on these boards. Even if he's dead and doesn't have a head.

Isn't it frozen someplace? A good halloween costume would be a headless #9 redsox.

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Maybe it is not this obvious...But can somebody explain why those running statistics (scoring from second on a hit, etc.) have anything to do with how good a baserunner is?
There is certainly a lot of noise in those type of stats. Not every attempt to score from 2nd base is the same, obviously.

They do give a decent broad view of whether a guy is generally pretty good or pretty bad, but I agree that one guy scoring from second something like 12 out of 20 times and another scoring 14 out of 19 times doesn't really prove one guy is better than the other.

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Today? OMG, Ibanez hands down. Would I trade Jones for Ibanez? Hell no, but right now Raul Ibanez is a huge part of that team.

I completely agree...the Phillies look like absolute geniuses for ditching Burrell for Ibanez this past offseason...he started out the season as one of the hottest hitters in baseball, then got hurt for a bit, but still put together one heck of a season for a 37 year old.

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