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Good Interview With The New Cubs Owner


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Ricketts: It's true, we really are fans. My street cred on the fan side should be pretty solid. But there is no silver bullet to winning a World Series. And it's not like they are not spending money already. From my standpoint, the way you win a World Series is to consistently make the playoffs and hope that you're the team that is the hot one when you get to that point. The way you consistently make the playoffs is to have the right player-development process, to have the right guys drafting the right talented kids and the right coaches and scouts working together to see them be productive at the major-league level. And just trying to be there every year. There's no load up for one season or there's never any one guy or one contract or one level of spending that's going to get you there. You just have to be consistent and you have to keep the right people pushing the team forward. And you have to build from the bottom up.

Just in case a certain poster reads this...

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