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Who would you trade for... Uggla/Cantu?


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I would like to have Uggla. At least he shows patience at the plate. The Marlins have shown that they're willing to trade any players making money for anything they can get. If Erbe got it done, why not.

One of Erbe, Hernandez, Johnson and a lesser prospect.

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Maybe you did, but this is all that I could find. Obviously, I have little understanding of this formula, but it seems like the minor league prospects are a little undervalued. How did you come up with 20M for Tillman?

I basically valued Tillman as a top ten prospect and then bumped it up slightly to account for him doing alright when he got up here. 20MM is pretty normal of a guy of his caliber when you include his range from being TOR to BOR to blowing his arm out.

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No way they give up any package resembling that for someone who may only be a bridge to Josh Bell.

Ditto . . . the only way it would happen is if someone believes in his bat and sees him as someone to be with the team for the next 3 or 4 years at 3B and/or 1B.

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Would you trade any of the players you have mentioned in this thread for Uggla?

I think his swing would play slightly better here than at the normal NL East parks. That may be incorrect.

I could see him being a 260/350/480 kind of hitter . . . which is pretty average.

It might make more sense just to sign a Adam LaRoche, who will give a similar value.

Who would I trade?

Probably something like Hernandez and at most Erbe. I'd hold pretty firm to that. I would rather seek out other alternatives because I do not think the O's are in such need for low cost, immediate performance that they would be unable to afford the same production for at market value.

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Guest BrettMeister86

Uggla makes a lot of sense as a relatively inexpensive RH power bat (3 yrs with 30+ home runs in a big home park). Put him in OPACY and stick him at 3B (sacrifice defense for power and boost the offensive output of the club).

Uggla makes a lot of sense if he doesn't cost too much in a trade. He may very well be one of the right handed power bats Andy wants and I don't blame him. Now the question is, what would he cost?

What is the Marlin's area of need? I agree with the Erbe + Joseph projection he won't cost TOP talent but a solid B pitching prospect and a catcher with a lot of upside seems fair. I mean the guy does hit 30+ home runs in a huge home ball park. I could easily see 30-35 home runs playing for Baltimore even against superior talent because the parks are so much smaller. Uggla is a good first step, but there is more offensive work to be done. Add a solid DH option like Matsui and the offense is starting to look pretty good.

2B Roberts

CF Jones

RF Markakis

C Wieters

DH Matsui

3B Uggla

LF Reimold

1B Snyder

SS Izturis

Man... 1 - 7 looks really good. Look at that middle lineup 2 switch hitters and a RH power bat - that combo would plays well against lefties and righties.

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