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Nice to see us "hold serve" with a better than average proportion of the top 100 given the graduations of Wieters and Tillman - as well as the recognition for Britton. IMO, BA has danced around Britton's advancement and potential but has given little indication that ZB would be well-inside the Top 100.

Looking forward, the only guy who might be here next year among these four should be Britton. Hopefully, we score with our first rounder this year and success from Hobgood. If a sleeper emerges, we could emerge with four or so again next year. I expect the overall depth in our system will continue to improve in 2010, but we will look like a young farm system again with few plus talents at Bowie and above when the year ends IMO.

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Interesting list. I guess Britton's about as high as he could get, given his very good performance. OTOH, Arrieta, Snyder and Erbe clearly took a hit with subpar Augusts/injury. It'll always be interesting to follow lists like this.

I'd say our best bets to be on next year's list would be Britton (top 40 or better?), #3 pick, Hobgood, Beal (70-100 range?). Lebron, Waring and Joseph and a couple of 2009 draft picks are sleepers. Spoone would be s super sleeper.

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What about Bell, Snyder and Erbe? These are guys I don't neccessarily expect to exhaust their rookie status this year, and I could definately see them cracking the top 100 (Bell remains in the 100). Pesonally, unless Wigginton is traded and Atkins absolutely bombs, I see all of these guys having very good to great years in AAA and getting a taste of the bigs in August-September. Snyder and Bell are 23 this year and Erbe is 22. I'm not in a huge hurry but I guess things can change quickly.

You could also make the argument, however, if these are the guys (speaking specifically about Bell and Snyder) that we are going to be competing for a playoff spot with in the future, why hold them back. If they are ready, they are ready and let them play.

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1. Matt Wieters, c, Orioles

22. Chris Tillman, rhp, Orioles

25. Brian Matusz, lhp, Orioles

67. Jake Arrieta, rhp, Orioles


12. Matt Wieters c, Orioles

67. Chris Tillman rhp, Orioles

69. Radhames Liz rhp, Orioles

78. Troy Patton lhp, Orioles

91. Nolan Reimold of, Orioles


47. Bill Rowell, 3b, Orioles

78. Brandon Erbe, rhp, Orioles

99. Pedro Beato, rhp, Orioles


21. Nick Markakis, of, Orioles

45. Adam Loewen, lhp, Orioles

81. Hayden Penn, rhp, Orioles

99. Nolan Reimold, of, Orioles


41. Michael Aubrey, 1b, Indians

65. Nick Markakis, of, Orioles

94. Hayden Penn, rhp, Orioles


13. Adam Loewen lhp, Orioles

53. Jeremy Guthrie rhp, Indians

54. John Maine rhp, Orioles

59. Denny Bautista rhp, Orioles

79. Michael Aubrey 1b, Indians

90. Nick Markakis of, Orioles



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