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6/5: Red Sox at O's


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Scutaro SS

Pedroia 2B

Ortiz DH

Youkilis 3B

Martinez 1B

Drew RF

Varitek C

Reddick CF

Hall LF

Lester P


Patterson LF

Tejada 3B

Markakis RF

Wigginton 1B

Wieters C

Jones CF

Atkins DH

Lugo 2B

Izturis SS

Guthrie P

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Nothing like listening to an O's game at home, and it sounds like Fenway.

Mr. A,

Blow it up!

For the love of everything holy.

go O's!

It's even worse when you're watching it on TV and listening to the Red Sox announcers talk about how "the Red Sox and their fans have taken over the city of Baltimore for three days." :rolleyes:

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It's so rare and wonderful to see a pitcher go 1-2-3 and not even have to go 3-2 on every hitter.

I can't believe the little things that I have to reach for in order to enjoy myself while watching anymore.....

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