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Kid photographed drinking beer at Phillies game


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Vomit Boy in Training

He's working on his vomiting skills, so when the next police chief sits in front of him, he'll be prepared.

His buddy:

<img src="http://media2.myfoxdetroit.com//photo/2010/05/27/smoking_baby_20100527071618_320_240.JPG" alt="Smoking Baby" />

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Didn't look like it was empty to me. He only had the bottle up a little past level. There was something in it.

Probably not. The way he swings it you'd expect something to dribble out onto him, not to mention that for a little kid he's using one hand pretty effortlessly. And nobody around them is going to say anything or get an usher?

Empty. But we may never know for sure....

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