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vs. YANKEES 7/29


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All you *****s in the stands STFU.

I was bumming out... First camera shot when they came on the air to actually start the game. Showed the stadium........

More people right before first pitch on a RAIN DELAY NIGHT than we draw for most games. :(

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Guts and Arrieta are good at battling. They give up their fair share of runs, but there are plenty of times I can count from this season when one of those two gets into a sticky situation and makes it out of it giving up 0 or 1 runs when there was a serious chance for several to score (2 or 3 men on, less than 2 outs).

That's what his sale value is all about. That, and he's a fantastic athlete, good at staying in perfect shape, so he's going to be healthy and consistent. Guts, I mean. No idea about Arrieta. He seems like a healthy one too.

And the other thing I notice about Guts is that he's either hot or cold in any given game. If he's hot, he'll either have an excellent game, or miss one unlucky pitch to a slugger for a HR. If he's cold, he'll get knocked around for a lot of hits and also HRs for an awful start.

Tonight is definitely looking like a hot night for Guts. I'm thinking, if the Yanks score off of him at all, it'll be on one long ball. Let's hope it's a solo shot.

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