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Astros possibly moving to AL?


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Per Buster Olney, this is provided Jim Crane purchases them.

Would another team (even the O's) be moved to the NL to replace them?

No, if a team moves to the AL then there will be 15 in each league. Right now its 14 in the AL and 16 in the NL. I guess they would have to move a team to keep each team even, but I can't see it being the Orioles.

That sort of stinks for the Astros, that team is a bit away from contending and now they switch to the big leagues.

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I thought that the whole reason that Milwaukee moved to the NL when Tampa Bay and Arizona became expansion teams was so that each league could have one expansion team (with the owners in each league benefiting financially from such) and that each league would have an even number of teams. This would ensure that they each league did not have to schedule one team off each day. Of course they can do away with this problem by having inter-league games each day.

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I think the Orioles and Nationals should switch places.

The Nationals seem to have the financial backing to spend with the Yankees and Red Sox.

Oh, you mean their $63 million payroll, right? You're right. That's able to compete with $202 and $161, respectively.

Oh, how about last year? $61.

Or 2009? $60.

Or 2008? $55.

No, the financial backing is irrelevant in this case. If the Nats would compete in the AL East, it'd have to be through pitching. They have a below average offense, with a slightly above average pitching staff. That's a .500 record in the NL East. But in the AL East?

AL East:

Yankees - 778 runs scored

Red Sox - 775 runs scored

Blue Jays - 676 runs scored

Rays - 603 runs scored

Orioles - 603 runs scored

Without the Orioles, you're talking about an average of 708 runs scored.

But what about the pitching?

Rays - 538 runs allowed

Yankees - 572 runs allowed

Red Sox - 616 runs allowed

Blue Jays - 675 runs allowed

Orioles - 754 runs allowed

Without the Orioles, that's an average of 600 runs allowed [average]. That's a split of 708-600.

How about the NL East?

Phillies - 643 runs scored

Mets - 636 runs scored

Braves - 586 runs scored

Nationals - 544 runs scored

Marlins - 558 runs scored

Without the Nationals, that's about 606 runs scored.

As for runs allowed?

Phillies - 456 runs allowed

Braves - 529 runs allowed

Nationals - 589 runs allowed

Marlins - 633 runs allowed

Mets - 650 runs allowed

Without the Nationals, that's about 567 runs allowed [average]. That's a divisional split of 606-567.

AL East: 708-600

NL East: 606-567

You're going to take the Nationals, and then put them in a division that spends ridiculously more, pitches about as well, and hits tremendously better than the NL East. Oh, and on top of that, put them in a league that hits better.

Average runs scored in AL: 633.

Average runs scored in NL: 592.

Average runs allowed in AL: 627

Average runs allowed in NL: 597

Truth be told, the Nationals pitching would do better than the O's (but then again, who wouldn't? We have the worst pitching in the majors). But their hitting would be anemic for the division. The Nationals would struggle to be a .500 team. I'd argue that they'd be better than the Orioles, but not by much.

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    • If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I probably would have told you that I didn’t care if Aaron Judge hit homer 60, 61 or 62 against us.    I’m not sure what’s changed, but in the words of the great Mox from Varsity Blues, “I say, ‘**** that.’”  I do not want to see our guys pitching to him this weekend.    I do not want to see Judge (who, for the record, I don’t have much of a problem with) celebrating at our expense. I don’t want to see his teammates celebrating at our expense. I sure as hell don’t want to see their fans celebrating at our expense.    Nothing would please me more this weekend than seeing Yankee fans crying about how we walked Judge 12-15 times over three games and how they bought tickets to see him hit #62 and blah blah blah.  Nothing would please me more than, after years of seeing Judge destroy our pitching, giving him absolutely nothing to hit and having him stand on first base all weekend while the boos rain down. I want us to be the bad guys. I want us to be the killjoys.  I do not want Hyde to give in. And even if he does have our guys pitch to Judge, I want our guys to be smart and throw everything in the dirt. Or airmail it over the home plate umpire.    I doubt it happens.  I’m sure some poor sap like Baumann or Baker or Krehbiel or  Reed will go down in history as the sucker who grooved a belt high fastball to Judge for #62. He’ll be on replays forever.  And after the game he’ll give some stock answer about “wanting to challenge him” or something which is silly because our pitching hasn’t ever been a challenge for Judge.    So, Hyde and/or Elias, if you’re reading, just walk Judge all weekend long. Make the Yankees and their fans miserable. Be the bad guys. Don’t let anyone have fun at our expense. It’s a new era for Orioles baseball, we’re no longer a laughingstock. No longer a team to set records against. No longer a team to beat up on.  Do not give in.    Milligan, out. 
    • I think it's pretty simple... they like him more than Tyler Nevin as a backup 1B, and they don't trust anyone else on the team to play first base. There were reports of Santander and Gunnar taking reps at first but nothing saying that the results were passable. I'm guessing they didn't like what they saw.
    • Not to mention this was AFTER Hays ruined the chances last night by GIDP against Barnes and like clockwork he repeats the feat. So yea Mullins just might have been a better option there.
    • Well, Chirinos did hit a homer!  
    • I feel like Elias has decided recently that they are out of it, and now its about securing better odds for the draft lottery by putting out lineups like today's.  
    • Great contributions at the MLB level from  top prospects this year....Adley, Gunner of course, but Stowers, Vavra playing big roles.  But look what is still on the way....and soon! Great seasons from Westburg, Norby, Ortiz, Cowser, who all finish the season at AAA with OPS > .800 on the season.  Then we have Coby Mayo and Hunter Haskin at Bowie.  Krjstad wasn't great at Aberdeen, but his slash line for the season was still .309/394/457/851 on the year.   That's at least 7 very high end hitting prospects before you even get into the great debuts from several of the 2022 class. Honestly I know people want to go for it in 2023, but I don't think we need to spend big money on free agent bats.   Much rather invest any increased salary $$ in pitching  
    • Their schedules don't matter. The Orioles have reached their ceiling. They have played their behinds off, but this is how far this payroll can possibly take them.
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