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Theo AND Hoyer to the Cubs?

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And they may announce it during the WS...which we were told is such an awful thing to do. :rolleyes:

The Chicago Cubs may be able to announce the hiring of their new baseball executive during off-days of the World Series despite Major League Baseball's traditional ban on major announcements during the Fall Classic, according to a source familiar with the situation.

They have to get permission from the MLB to announce it. Don't know why you are making a big deal out of it still.

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Hoyer is gone to Chicago: http://twitter.com/#!/GordonEdes/status/127111076130201600

This is shocking to me. It's not really surprising that Hoyer doesn't want to work for Jeff Moorad anymore, but it's shocking how fast this happened. I don't recall hearing his name in the conversation at all prior to perhaps 11PM on Tuesday.

This story had been in the news as early as this past weekend, at least what I was reading.

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And it's finally done. Theo, anyway. I'd assume Hoyer will follow shortly.

CHICAGO - The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs jointly announce this evening that, effective immediately, Theo Epstein has resigned from the Red Sox in order to become the new President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. The Clubs also have reached an agreement regarding a process by which appropriate compensation will be determined for the Red Sox and that issue will be resolved in the near term.

Both the Red Sox and the Cubs intend to hold press events on Tuesday, October 25 during which the Cubs intend to announce Mr. Epstein, and the Red Sox intend to announce his successor as General Manager.

Out of respect for the World Series, both clubs have agreed to forego further comment until Tuesday, the next scheduled non-game day. Further information on each club's media availability for Tuesday will be distributed on Monday.

Official release

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They told Cherington he was being promoted last week. Internal hires are a lot easier than what the O's have to do.

Ok. Had forgotten about him. And I didn't mean that to rip the O's. I think they're going a little slower than originally expected, but still at a fine pace.

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Bump for Josh Byrnes officially taking over in SD today. This is just brilliant:

Moorad, the Padres' CEO who's buying the team on an installment plan, capped his first season in San Diego, 2009, by firing GM Kevin Towers. Moorad would have replaced Towers with Byrnes, but he was working under the eight-year contract extension Moorad gave him in Arizona in February 2008.

So Moorad hired Hoyer from the Boston Red Sox, where Byrnes had also been an assistant GM under Epstein.

"In fact, that's the first discussion I ever had with Jed. I told him that," Moorad said. "He said, 'Hey, I get it. I'd hire Josh, too.' Truth be told, Josh is the one who recommended Jed. It's a small world in that regard and it's been an interesting thing watching all those relationships cross over over the years."


"Hey, Jed, I really wanted the other guy, but I can't have him, so I guess you'll have to do until I can get him. Welcome to San Diego!" :rolleyes:

Escaping this to work with your best friend for (and with) a giant pile of cash. Hoyer's decision is starting to make a lot of sense.

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