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Tillman to start 162


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Not a gutsy call at all. It is the no-brainer, let's win the AL East call.

You have to figure the Yanks are going to win tomorrow. Given that, the O's would be burning Tillman instead of using him in what amounts to an elimination game.

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As of now, the Orioles still need to win tomorrow to guarantee a home game in the playoffs, especially important if it's the wild card game. We don't want to go to Oakland. Now, if Oakland loses both tonite and tomorrow, then the O's would then be certain that the wild card game would be at home. If Oakland does lose both, I'd save Tillman for Thursday. Otherwise, I think you have to pitch Tillman tomorrow.

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    • I'm more worried that the team is going to run him into the ground. There's a reason most catchers don't put up big offensive numbers. 
    • It's sad to me watching and wondering what exactly the plan is? I know they're not going to win 100 games but as a fan, I can't come up with a good reason why they keep bringing inferior players up to replace inferior players. Whether they bring up some rookies this season or next there could be growing pains. I say get them over now. 
    • I generally agree. I'm not quite sure where Westburg fits. I have a feeling Frazier will still be 2B vs RHB. That would make Westburg 2B vs LHB, 3B vs RHP.  Vs RHP: Frazier 2B, Adley C, Santander DH, Hicks CF, Hays RF, Westburg 3B, Cowser LF, Gunnar SS, O'Hearn 1B Bench: McCann, Urias, Mateo, Mountcastle Vs LHP: Hicks CF, Adley DH, Santander RF, Hays LF, Westburg 2B, Urias 3B, Mountcastle 1B, McCann C, Mateo SS. Bench: Cowser, O'Hearn, Frazier, Gunnar (When Adley C, Santander is DH and Cowser starts).  
    • You mean the Hicks with the OPS >1.0 with the Orioles? Yeah, he’s really killed the team this past week. 
    • Hyde was ejected in the 5th inning but I thought managers keep managing in that situation, from the hallway. I would guess the difference here was mostly about having Zimmerman on the roster, and the scoreboard.
    • .“Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here.”,,,,,,,.."“Ah, Houston, we’ve had a problem here. We’ve had a Main B Bus Undervolt.” ........ ........... I'm a loyal, optimistic rah rah guy who has stuck with the O's through the recent bad times and loves all the talent ready to burst through from the farm system. ..... A few recent facts that are not going to go away, and maybe need to be recognized. Taken from [ https://www.mlb.com/stats/team/batting-average?timeframe=-6 ] ......Rank of Team average BA Year to date= #15..........last 30 days= #21........... last 15 days= #24.......... last 7 days= #25. (there are 30 MLB teams) ---- ----- ----- ----- ---- Team Average Batting Average.......Year to date= 0.248.........last 30 days= 0.238........... last 15 days= 0.222.......... last 7 days= 0.192.------------ ------------------------Notice that O'Hearn, Lester and Hicks are starting.....
    • Baseball Reference now has dropped the Orioles down 17% over the last week of making the playoffs down to 31% with 0.1% chance of winning the World Series.   Fangraphs have the at 35% and 1% for World Series. Do with that what you will but thought that was interesting enough to post and follow. Either way, right now the Orioles would be in the playoffs if they started today.
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