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Oh No Oh No Oh No (Machado injured)


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I agree. But if that's right, someone as young as Manny could be back in 6-7 months (March-April 2014).

Originally, bases were marked with posts, which were changed to bags to reduce injuries. Why not make the bases flat, white, rubbery squares dug into the ground like home plate? No more jammed wrists, fingers and ankles sliding into the bag, and no torn ACLs when hitting the base.

If the bases were flat, how could you steal bases or slide into them? There would be nothing to stop them from sliding past them.

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That does look absolutely horrible. Only bright side I can think of, if it is something that was going to happen one day regardless, better at the end of a season with no playoff hopes than any other.....I guess.

Hope his youth help with any recovery.

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keithlaw ‏@keithlaw 35s

BREAKING: Orioles to seal Hunter Harvey in a ginormous plastic bubble

I hate Law sometimes.

I laughed.

He'll be fine. Anyone see Marcus Lattimore's knee injury? One of the worst you'll ever see, and he might be back playing football within about a year of the injury.

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This was different from Davis hurting his leg earlier in the year running hard to 1b to beat out a throw. Manny was kind of pulling up and wasn't going full speed. It was kind of a routine play. When players are tired and over worked they tend to have freak injuries more. See Kobe's achilles injury. I blame Buck.

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    • If so, probably just for 2 days or so.  
    • Well, there are now 8 days left in April, so 8 days based on last year.  After that, if I recall correctly, he turns into a pumpkin until October.
    • Kjerstad also has had pretty good success vs. LHP in his career.  
    • Ramon is fine as a bench bat and he can help anywhere on defense and we will get Hays back. When rosters expand we can bring up one of Norby and Mayo to pinch hit for O'Hearn. 
    • Exactly. It also shows that Elias can get away from a platoon advantage to play talent. He could’ve easily just added McKenna back to this team. Kjerstad get his chance. No need for anyone to hate outrage over that anymore.  I’m sure Banelos is loving this mlb time and pay. Plus the food per diem each day. 
    • Banuelos?   Suárez? If you’re talking about Holliday, he’s already had one fewer PA than Kjerstad had all last year.  Kjerstad could go 0 for 179 and still have a higher career BA than Holliday has right now (no, I am not exaggerating).   Yet Kjerstad’s decent performance last year didn’t guarantee him a continued spot on the roster.   The O’s didn’t see any harm to having him spend some more time in the minors this year, even though he’s had more AAA time than Holliday.   Obviously, this sounds like I’m bashing Holliday, or arguing that he MUST be sent to the minors RIGHT NOW.  But that’s not my intention.  I’m just saying that Holliday is off to an awful start that is far worse than what even struggling prospects have done when the O’s brought them up, and if the O’s decide at any point that he needs a stint in the minors, I would not fault them for lack of patience.   This is the big leagues, not a kindergarten team where everyone gets a trophy.     
    • We could see a line-up today with Gunnar, Adley, Westy, Milkman, Holliday and Kjerstad.  That would be a lot of fun.  (Then prob O'Hearn Mullins and Santander).  
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