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SBNATION: Why Ex-Oriole Bobby Grich will never make the HOF (+ why Jeter should not be first ballot)


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I think Booby should go hobnob at Cooperstown this weekend. Maybe one of the stores could build a diarama of his career achievements.

No, most of the comments will be something like, " Isn't that the guy who can't hold Alomar's jock?" :)

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Glad you think so.

Seriously, I think Grichs' HOF chances were seriously marred the first year he was on the ballot.

That year both Joe Morgan and Rod Carew were elcted as second baseman. He probably has been compared to Morgan ever since. Further, I believe that the only other second baseman elected by the writers since has been Ryne Sandberg in 2005. IMO, second basemen are undervalued by the writers. Grich and Whitaker deserve to be in. The Veteran's Commitee has elected the likes of Bill Mazerowski, why not Grich and Whitaker?

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