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Toronto Claims Justin Smoak Off Waivers


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Some pre-draft threads on Smoak:

9/2007 - Justin Smoak?

DocJJ - "I'd rather have Pedro Alvarez"

Greg Pappas - "I think he is at #2 or #3 slightly behing Pedro Alvarez. If I could take Smoak right now I would."

Moose Milligan - "Smoak, Alvarez, whatever...sounds like we'd be a winner with either one."

olehippi - "I'm all for drafting Smoak if we can, only because both he and Weiters are from Goose Creek, SC"

2/2008 - Top 2008 Draft Prospects: Justin Smoak

4/2008 - Is Smoak really #4 worthy?

Greg Pappas - "Hosmer has been my personal #1 rated player before the season started, so I would take him by a hair over Smoak."

hoosiers - "Smoak has not been off-the-charts impressive and that Crow, Matusz, Alvarez and TBeck are the clear top four."

5/2008 - What if Alvarez, Beckham, and Smoak go in the top 3; who would you pick at 4?

Overwhelmingly Matusz.

6/2008 - Where would Smoak rank?

Stotle - "1. Wieters, 2. Liz, 3. Smoak, 4. Patton, 5. Reimold"

SportsGuy - "4th...I don't think he would be ahead of Arrieta and Tillman... [batters only,] #2, with Reimold 3 and Rowell 4."

SportsGuy - "Law was just on ESPN making the Tex comparison and I think he has Smoak ahead of Alvarez."

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