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Adam Jones Hitting Clinic in SD

Il BuonO

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So, it may have been posted elsewhere but on Tuesday of this past week Harold Reynolds hosted a youth clinic with Adam Jones at SDSU which I attended with my two girls. My current avatar is a photo from the event that night taken by other Oriokle fans who had asked me to take a picture of him and his family. He was a big Brooks fan and was admiring my jersey when he asked and then took our picture. It really was a fun night.

On to the hitting clinic. I know Reynolds is not respected here as an analyst on MLB Network and I tend to agree with that perception, but he does know what he's talking about when it comes to hitting. That much was clear to me watching him with Jones as they demonstrated different techniques to the crowd on hand.

He has a loose and affable quality that's easy to like and you could see he and Adam had a rapport that worked well for this purpose.

Jonesy was understandably rusty even hitting off of the tee but had some nice swings once it progressed to soft toss. It was stated that he has been off from the game for more than a month now and hadn't picked up a bat before that night.

Some of his swings were just beautiful. As someone who has either played, coached, scouted or watched the game for over 40 years now you have to appreciate that Adam Jones' swing, when he's right, is one of the more perfect things in sports to watch an athlete perform.

Reynolds and Jones were generous with their time and Adam signed for people afterward behind Tony Gwynn Stadium.

I have some great video (especially in slo-mo) if someone can help me with how I post that from my iPhone to OH I'd appreciate it. I'm quite the novice when it comes to that. Just send me an IM with instructions, thanks.



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Is it there to see?

I edited and posted the correct links from MLB. If you click on those you can see what went on in a general sense. I have more on my iPhone but I'm not tech savvy. Maybe OFFNY or one of the other posters with Iphone knowledge can help to explain how I transfer the video from my phone to show here on OH.

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Did anyone soft-toss Jones any pitches that would have been six inches off the plate and three inches off the ground like the ones he gets with two strikes in games?

He probably couldn't have hit those either.

I self-edited my original version and left out any of these kind of references but since you asked I'm working on posting some of my videos in which you can hear Reynolds ask Jones about hitting the curve ball. I had to chuckle at the time. Good thing they didn't ask about the low and away slider.

Adam answered him coherently when talking about hitting the pitch which was surprising considering his struggles with breaking pitches for the most part. Don't hang one to him though.

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Thanks to LayzieDES for helping me to set this up with Tapatalk. I know Tony prefers the website for advertising and I always try to honor that but this was invaluable for posting from my iPhone.

I'll start with these videos and a few photos I messed around with in editing. I'm much better with the still variety so save the sarcasm about my thumb in the frame or what have you. I'm a novice with an iPhone and shooting video. Heck, my last camera was the Google G2. I know, I know....









Ooops, my Christmas elf fell asleep. More later....

Sent from my iPhone using my own digits

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Alright, so here's another video with Adam hitting off the tee. The length of the video is over 5:00 so I couldn't upload directly to Tapatalk, hence the grainy quality on youtube. It's better if you don't view it full screen.


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