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UMD v. Davidson


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Unless Davidson goes off from 3-pt range and handles Maryland's pressure they won't have a chance. However, they are a very good shooting team, so they could have a big night and give us a lot of trouble.

Even if they are scoring well, we still can beat them if we have a good offensive game. I don't think they have anybody to compete with our bigs. If Gist and Ibekwe can score and control the glass, we should be in good shape.

Should be a good game, hopefully our guys come out pumped after laying an egg in the ACC tournament.

Davidson is to 3 happy right now. It will hurt them unless they hit like 15 of them.

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wow, it is blacked out. Cant' watch it.

I guess they black out the games you can watch on local TV?

You're not missing much in the way of video quality. It's clear but not fluid. A lot of skipping.

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