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Final grade for the Orioles’ 2022-23 offseason?


Final grade for the Orioles 2022-23 offseason?  

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  1. 1. What’s your final grade for the O’s 2022-23 offseason?

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I went with a D.   Don’t like the Frazier signing and although Hernaiz for Irvin makes sense, he’s not the #1-#3 pitcher talked about.   I was meh on Givens as well.    

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Hate the Frazier move and the fallout.

Irvin trade was solid. McCann trade was solid. Gibson signing was ok. Urias and Mateo still on the team. Top young talent at same positions still here. None of the young studs (or anyone for that matter) signed long term.

Other than Frazier, the fact there was nothing major is what hurts. An opportunity is here and we're seemingly still waiting to go for it. In that sense, it's less about what they did do than what they didn't do.

The other good thing they didn't do was mortgage their future. It's the positive byproduct of the negative nothing major piece. So I guess there's two sides to those stories.

Still, with the opportunity staring at us and so little accomplished, it's a D for me.


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Maybe we got a smidge better at SP with the additions of Gibson & Irvin. Not mad at the McCann trade because I like having a veteran to mentor Adley.

The Frazier signing, 🤮 There was already a bit of a log jam in the infield and this just made it worst for no reason. He wasn't needed.

After the lift off comment I thought there would be a big SP signing. I wasn't expecting any of the big BIG names, but maybe Walker or Bassit to give the rotation an anchor. I wouldn't have minded keeping Lyles for some year to year stability.

I believe there were some offers made to some of the SP that we never heard about. The offers weren't good enough. Elias was unwilling to overpay.


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The Irvin trade is what kept this offseason from being an F. The Frazier move was such a F- that it offsets the C move for Gibson, C- for Givens (probably a bit too high and not sure his knee was healthy), and the B trade for Irvin. The wierd waiver claim of a $1.4 million O'Hearn and all the left-handed 1B/DH guys that never mattered. McCann move was ok, but he's a bit of an expensive backup.

I had him at a C after the Irvin trade, but thought there would be more moves. Instead he stood pat besides a low impact move with Danny Coulombe. Just a real weird first offseason for Elias where he was trying to build on his young talent.

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I went with D, though I was close to an F.  I'd have went with a D- if it was an option.  Frazier signing was a very low F, Irvin was a C, McCann a C, Gibson isn't terrible, but certainly wasn't better than a C.  Not freeing up any infield positions for Westburg/Ortiz was a D.  Not spending some more money to shore up the pitching staff was a D.  Overall just a disappointing if not embarrassing offseason, anchored by one of the worst free agency signings from a logical standpoint that I can remember recently.  

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So, let's compare:

Kyle instead of Lyles-Probably upgrade

Irvin for whoever-upgrade

McCaan for backup catcher-upgrade

Frazier for Odor-upgrade

Other stuff-insignificant

The team has definitely been upgraded but we could have and should have done SO MUCH MORE!! We needed on premium bat and one premium starter.

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Irvin is the only good thing but that's not nearly enough.  That trade would make it a D... but considering the world of hype and possibilities, this is not the roster we should be going north with, so F.

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I’m also going with the D grade, though I would have upgraded to D+ or maybe C- if I’d put those options in the poll.  Probably the best thing that can be said Is that Elias didn’t make any moves that will hamstring the team long term.   But you certainly can’t say he seized the moment to seriously upgrade the team.  I don’t think the offseason should be judged primarily by the Frazier move, but  overall, it was just pretty uninspiring.  

I will now root for the Orioles to prove me completely wrong.  


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