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The World Baseball Classic Thread


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In there inlies the problem. The players take it seriously, but the coaching staff doesn't. Its all about players getting their work in.


- McCann sitting despite scorching the ball in favor of Iannetta (in this case it worked as Iannetta was also hot), but when a guy is hot you don't bench him.

- Jeter shortstop J'Rolle DH

- Jeter subbing for Rollins with team trailing by 1 despite Rollins 2-for-3 on the night.

- Leaving Peavy in despite getting hammered because he wanted Peavy to reach a certain pitch count.

- Not bringing in the infield when trailing 5-0 runners on 2nd and 3rd. Delgado ended up grounding weakly to shortstop but runner scored.

- Manager quoted as saying he'd forfeit a game if one more got injured (something to that effect). Who talks like that if they really care?

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The U.S. better come back or it is a disgrace to the country and the game of baseball. We have far and away the most talented team.

Throwing a bunch of All-Stars in the same uniform doesn't make them a team.

Puerto Rico's roster is mostly major league too, and one of the beauties of baseball is that the best teams still lose 40% of their games.

(Tommy LaSorda would agree with you, though.)

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