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5/1: Orioles vs. Red Sox

Don Quixote

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Last night the Orioles sealed the first losing April for the Red Sox since 1996. Hopefully they get Boston off to a dismal start in May as well. Hopefully Bergesen keeps the ball down tonight, as it will probably be carrying.

Lineups, per Roch:


Adam Jones CF

Nick Markakis RF

Matt Wieters C

Miguel Tejada 3B

Luke Scott DH

Ty Wigginton 2B

Rhyne Hughes 1B

Nolan Reimold LF

Cesar Izturis SS

Brad Bergesen RHP

Red Sox:

Marco Scutaro SS

Dustin Pedroia 2B

Victor Martinez C

Kevin Youkilis 1B

J. D. Drew RF

David Ortiz DH

Adrian Beltre 3B

Darnell McDonald LF

Jonathan Van Every CF

Daisuke Matsuzaka RHP

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Apologies for starting two consecutive sentences in the OP with the word "hopefully." Generally that's a hallmark of bad writing, though perhaps desperation made me do it.

Heh, nah. There's just a lot to be hoping for!

Let's go Bergeson! He's back on track and the offense is heating up! 10 game win streak! woohoo!!

Daisuke with a 6.30 ERA at Camden Yards and hasn't pitched in a while.

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Start referring to the Red Sox as "The Second National Bank of MLB," "The Second National Bank," or "SNB." Then we don't have to worry about the sensors feeding us false advertising.

"Get your Red Sox gear...."

I don't wanna, and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! :D

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