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O's Picks in Upcoming Draft

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    • Yeah I shouldn't have said consider cutting him.  That was an over reaction on my part.  I don't think he should be cut.   I do think he is much better suited hitting lead off.  He seems most comfy there.  And if he still doesn't really produce?  At the very least start playing him less. 
    • And Akin is not stretched out to be a starter.......yet. Just thinking of the possibilities.
    • Akin has looked excellent in the pen so far, and he had a stretch like this before. He will not be able to throw like he does now in a starting roll. I don't think his results as a SP would be any better than the start we watched from Wells last night.    Any hopes for helping the starters out will have to come from Means and Bradish getting healthy. I don't think Elias will be willing to give up as much talent as it would require to get 2 starters at the deadline. 
    • When I said fights I meant benches clearing. And 2018 I was referring to regularly getting stomped by double digits. When you’re getting hammered by 10-runs the other team can woof. If you don’t like it play better. Oh and bench hays.
    • Cowser looks like a completely different player compared to last year.  Really is amazing how some players first come up, suck, get sent back down, learn, and then either later in the year or the next year they are night and day better when back on the big league club.   Only player I can really say was 'great' when they first came up was Manny.  And he is a pretty special player.
    • I'm generally a pessimist, but some of the stuff in this thread is a bit over the top. Everything about last nights game was embarrassing...the only decent takeaways would be Tate and Cowser. The fact that it happened during a broadcast where more non O's and Brewers fans were watching just compounds it a little bit more.   Hays will get a plenty of chances to fix things, but he's as lost at the plate as he can be right now.   Cut Mullins...lol. He's currently on a pace for a 3.5 WAR season according to Baseball Reference. That's with him being a bit mediocre at the plate. I'm sure he's going to warm up a bit as long as he stays healthy.   Holliday, they seem committed to letting him take the 2B job. I think once he gets his first bloop hit or however it comes, he'll relax a bit. He literally has everyone and his brother watching his every move right now. Cal looked like a young fan watching his AB last night. That's an inordinate amount of pressure.    The team needs a couple of pitchers. That's going to be an issue until the deadline and getting healthy. Wells just seems to be better suited for the BP. As soon and gloom as I feel sometimes, they're right on pace with their winning percentage from last year. They'll be ok.
    • I think sitting could allow for a “reset” of sorts, as opposed going right back out having this funk snowball. But, DL is probably the weakest starter we’re facing this series. So it could be the best opportunity to break out.
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