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The energy at Camden Yards is amazing


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I can't even describe to you how pumped that song got me.

Ditto. A guy I work with also works part-time for the O's on gamedays in their production booth, so he runs the cameras and has a say in the audio. I told him this morning that I LOVED it when that song came on, and he said he'd pass along my comments to Woody in the booth. Woody, you da man. Also, I like the Caddyshack "We're in the money" horn they play when we hit a homer. Hilarious.

I can't add anything else to this thread that hasn't already been said, but I was there, and I will never forget the entire experience. I get chills thinking about it and reading this thread. Just an awesome, awesome night.

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Just back to Jersey from last night's game. Section 8 on Cal Ripken Day, could I be any more superstitious? Man, what a crowd! I've been to Mets playoff games back in the Shea Stadium days and that place was crazy loud. Oriole Park last night matched that. What an experience! I'm so glad a game like that could happen on Cal Ripken Day for that crowd and that Orioles team.

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