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Urrutia has made it to the US


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He's put together very well. He's a switch-hitting outfielder and I love his left-handed swing with power. I think he's going to be a good left-handed hitter with power. He's an exciting, aggressive hitter.
It's not going to take him that long. He's a player who's going to come quickly. He won't be down long. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts out at Double-A and moves up to Triple-A, and maybe he gets a look in September. It very well could happen. He has that kind of makeup.

- Fred Ferreira

Fred Ferreira, the Orioles' executive director of international recruiting, has signed 61 players who reached the majors. Pitcher Miguel Gonzalez was the latest.

Who will be the 62nd?

"Probably (Henry) Urrutia," he said earlier today, referencing the Cuban outfielder who signed with the Orioles in July.

"You never really know," Ferreira said. "Sometimes you get a good feeling. I had a good feeling on him. That's why I recommended him.

- Roch

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