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Mother's Day vs. the Twins 5/12


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Per Roch:

Steve Pearce will make his first start since May 4. Alexi Casilla will replace Ryan Flaherty at second base. And Chris Snyder figures to start behind the plate. Nolan Reimold will probably start in left field, if Showalter sticks to his usual plan
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I really hate to root against Scott Diamond, an alum of Binghamton U and member of the baseball team, as was I. He's a crafty lefty with chutzpah. What is Chen? He's not really crafty - more cunning.

We have O's baseball and Tiger stalking another victory on the tube - makes for a golfless afternoon for me.

Go O's - right the ship!

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Markakis 9,

Machado 5,

Jones 8,

Davis 3,

Wieters DH,

Pearce 7,

Hardy 6,

Casilla 4,

Snyder 2.

Chen 1.

1. Brian Dozier ® 2B

2. Joe Mauer (L) DH

3. Josh Willingham ® LF

4. Justin Morneau (L) 1B

5. Ryan Doumit (S) C

6. Trevor Plouffe ® 3B

7. Chris Parmelee (L) RF

8. Wilkin Ramirez ® CF

9. Eduardo Escobar (S) SS

Scott Diamond LHP

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Little Known Fact: When people make fun of Manny Machado's ears, they forget that his already super-human abilities are greatly enhanced by his mastery of bat-like echolocation:


Scientists are currently baffled at how he is able to generate the necessary ultrasound calls with a frequency-range from 14,000 to well over 100,000 Hz.

My theory:


Big League Chew and star tattoos.

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