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Pitching for a playoff series

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If we were starting a playoff series now' date=' what is your rotation?[/quote']

Joe Saunders, obviously.

But seriously...its a tough call. Tillman is #1. Probably then Ubaldo. Picking 2 of Chen, Gonzo, and Gausman...right now I'd lean to Gausman. The Chen/Gonzo decision might come down to the opponent.

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Both the Yankees and Angels don't really have huge splits regarding lefty vs righty. The Yankees are actually better against lefties surprisingly. Against the Blue Jays I would only allow one of these 7 pitchers to pitch: Gausman or Jimenez start, one can come on in relief if needed (if they're dominating they can go deep but really only need to go 2 or 3 innings), then I would definitely use Givens, O'Day, and Britton. Brach and Roe are the only other two I would consider using. My reasoning is that the Jays absolutely kill lefties. They're good against righties but not nearly as good as they are against south paws. These 7 pitchers represent our best 7 pitchers against RH hitters. Unconventional, but Tillman has an ERA under 3 against everyone besides Toronto but they have lit him up, Chen is a lefty, and Gonzo has been too inconsistent up to this point and gives up too many homers.


Jimenez/Gausman get the start

Definitely use out of the pen:




If needed:

Gausman/Jimenez (whoever doesn't start)



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