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Duquette says signing Davis a priority.


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He made the statement as part of his answer during the season ticket holder session. Good news. Also said we will sign some of our other free agents. Probably important to mention now that he said signing Davis is a priority. He did not say he would sign him at all cost. Some people will see those statements as one and the same.

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Hmm well after starting with 11 FA to be we are down to Chen, ODay, Wieters, Davis, and Pearce.

I am sure we could resign Pearce pretty cheaply.

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I can't keep track. Who were the other 6? Hunter, Wright, Norris, Young, De Aza and ?

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Wieters' situation could be interesting. Hard to imagine teams will be pursuing him with offers of a long-term contract. His circumstances may make him the first to accept a QO if the Orioles extend one.

Then again, maybe Matt will spark some interest by having a Dempsey-like MVP performance in the World Series.

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I hope DD is sincere in this statement....and I'm not meaning to take a shot at his integrity. I mean I simply hope this wasn't a canned response to this type of question in this type of environment. I don't expect the club to sign Davis at all cost, but CD is likely to get a contract in excess of AJ's so I hope the club is prepared to go pretty large if it is sincere in it's efforts to retain him. Otherwise I would have preferred he just give the standard canned answer. End of the day I expect Davis is gone and I'm disappointed that he seems to have staying in Baltimore and playing for Buck pretty low on his free agency priority list. Unless the years dollars come in pretty fair, I won't fault the club in this case when the player doesn't seem interested in finding some middle ground, though the loss is going to sting.

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