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What Team Will Chris Davis Be Playing for in 2016?


Who Signs Davis?  

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  1. 1. Who Signs Davis?

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AJ Reed is no Chris Davis.

If you lock up CD you have a good trade chip.

Not if his performance doesn't match his salary, which is the risk in signing the deal to begin with. He's not a trade chip at all if he's Ryan Howard towards the end of it.

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28 people that picked the Orioles in this thread are going to be very disappointed. I don't mean to call anybody out but, anyone who actually thinks the Angelos will actually agree to pay the contract is going to take is smoking some really good stuff. I think the chance is 0% that the Orioles resign him.

Davis wants a big contract

Boras will bleed every last nickel out of some team

Davis said its in the hands of his agent and out of his control, which is a sign that he is really in different.

Angelos' track record since AB (after Albert Belle) is that he will not bid for any player that anyone else actually wants.

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I have been on record since late July that I am hoping that Davis will be an Oriole in 2016:

(JULY 25th)

(AUGUST 1st)

(AUGUST 5th)

(AUGUST 15th)




Nice. I gotta say: I was an early believer. My point is, I urged DD to reup Davis during the offseason, when his value was at its low point.(DD, see what you get for ignoring my posts on Orioles Hangout?) You knew he'd come back. He's a natural athlete. The guy can pitch reasonably well, for Pete's sake. He plays first, right, and third. He's kind of a freak, and seemingly a great dude. It's very sad to see him leave - if he leaves. I believe they have the money.

Re-signing our own stars must be a priority if we want to stay competitive year after year. I think there's a natural kind of "inflation" that occurs as a team succeeds and its home-grown talent matures. But the whole business should grow, too - fans at the park, ratings, concessions, marketing, etc.

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I was at the Verizon Center tonight, I walked out of the bathroom to see someone wearing a Davis tshirt jersey. The guy next to him was wearing Nats hat. I had a premonition of Davis in a Nats uniform. I think that's where he ends up.

You bastard.

I hope you had fun.

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